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Why Ridgewood

Ridgewood is built on a deep sense of commitment to the success and welfare of our clients. This arises as a natural consequence of our belief that each of our clients is and should be treated as we would treat a partner or a member of our extended family. Our goal for each of our clients is to increase their capital as a means to achieve and maintain financial freedom and flexibility.

While there are many firms providing various investment and financial services, we believe we are unique in a number of ways:

Our Focus on Lifelong Client Relationships and the Golden Rule

We approach each of our client relationships with the goal to maintain that relationship for an investment lifetime. As a result, from a service, focus, and communications point of view we strive to give our clients an exceptional experience and exceptional value.

We established our firm at inception with a focus on integrity and a spirit of service. We believe that money managers have an important responsibility towards their clients. As a result, we have established our approach and our relationships the way we would like them to be if our positions were reversed.

This philosophy requires that we approach our clients and suppliers like partners.  We like to work with people who we like, trust and admire and would like to attract clients and partners who share our long-term goals and values. Like good partners, we try to be fair and equitable to everyone we choose to interact with to foster the creating of strong and lasting relationships.

We Take an Educational Approach and Want Our Clients to Understand Our Philosophy

In implementing our partnership philosophy, we make an extra upfront effort to make sure clients and potential clients understand our beliefs, our goals and our approach. In this regard, we attempt to educate existing and potential clients in a variety of ways, including presentations and articles and letters to clients. From time to time we even share a few inspirational items outside of the field of investing. We invite you to look through our website to get a better sense of who we are and how we approach the investment process.

Due to our focus on client education and referrals, we do not devote a large amount of resources to sales and marketing of third-party products or investment offerings. This approach allows us to attract clients who value our approach and philosophy based on referrals from existing clients or through exposure to content that we produce as part of our focus on thought leadership as a value investing based firm.

Our Fee-Only Approach and In-House Management Puts Client Interests First

We are a fee-only firm that manages our strategies in house and works primarily through word-of-mouth and investor education and thought leadership. Not only does this focus save our clients money and provide an overall better value proposition, but it also helps to insulate our clients from the many conflicts of interest that exist when product sales and asset gathering become the primary focus.

Another aspect of our commitment to in-house management is the opportunity to interact with and communicate directly with our portfolio managers from time to time. We maintain a flat organizational structure and our portfolio managers and analysts are readily accessible to our clients when they need the type of high-level thinking, education or attention to an issue or question that only direct contact with one of our portfolio managers or investment analysts can provide.

Our Stable Private Ownership Allows Us to Focus on Long-Term Results

Ridgewood Investments is a privately-owned owner-managed company. As a partnership of highly experienced professionals, our structure is aligned with our focus on delivering long-term results for our clients. Unlike firms that focus on quarterly results or need to show constantly growing earnings in the short-term, our firm is designed to take a long-term and sustainable view towards our investment strategies and our business performance.

We believe this structure is a major advantage in delivering a consistent experience and superior results to our clients over the long-term and also aids our ability to attract and retain quality professionals. As a privately-owned partnership, we also maintain a conservative and strong balance sheet to further enhance our ability to stay true to the long-term objectives of our investment strategies and maintain the flexibility to align our actions with the interests of our clients.

We Invest Alongside Our Clients

We believe it is important to invest alongside our clients. In other words, we “eat our own cooking.” Thus, our portfolio managers invest in many of the same securities and investments that we buy for external clients as evidence of our confidence in the long-term benefits of the investment strategies we champion. We believe this policy of investing alongside our clients makes sense and helps align our interests with those of our clients.

However, we also recognize that as with all investors, we are imperfect beings attempting to take calculated risks based on imperfect information. Mistakes are inevitable, though we do try to minimize them through superior execution of a disciplined and proven approach. While we can’t guarantee investment results, we can communicate transparently, continuously learn and remain focused on those factors within our control that are likely to increase the chances for good results.


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Ridgewood Investments is dedicated to building life-long relationships with our clients, whether they be individuals and families, institutional investors or plan sponsors. By maintaining our focus on long-term investment strategies and long-term compounding, we are committed to helping our clients navigate through all market environments with an approach grounded in intelligent investing. Learn more:

Working With Ridgewood

Working with Ridgewood Investments is enhanced by our client-centric focus to everything we do. At Ridgewood our primary goal is to treat each of our clients the way we would want to be treated if our positions were reversed. As part of this client-centric focus, Ridgewood Investments strives to give each long-term client a quality service experience featuring:

  • Easy Client Onboarding
  • Fee Transparency and Value
  • Excellent Client Service
  • Portfolio Customization
  • Educational Approach
  • Invitations to Firm Events and Seminars

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If you are actively searching for assistance with your investment portfolio or would simply like to have a dialogue with Ridgewood Investments about the ways that our services might be of assistance, you have multiple options.

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